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  • May, 2018: View and download invoices 
  • June, 2018:  Zapier Integration
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May 8, 2018

Edit and Delete Tags

We've made a few changes to improve your ability to work with tags. You will now notice when you hover over a tag you can 'edit' that tag. This gives you the ability to change the name of the tag or the color associated with it. Just make your changes and hit 'save'. If you hit edit, you also have the ability to delete that tag (This will remove the tag from all calls previously tagged with the deleted tag). Anytime you edit a tag or create a new tag, that tag will be moved to the top of your tag menu.

As always, let us know what you think of this update and tell us anything you would like to see different with your tags. Just tap the chat icon in the bottom right!






April 26, 2018

We Updated the HubSpot Integration!

We heard your requests and we made the changes! We are no longer filling in fake emails when creating new contacts in HubSpot. Hooray!

Also, if the call being pushed into HubSpot didn’t come from a dynamic number, we are now pushing the PhoneWagon campaign name as the call source in HubSpot (i.e. “Call Source: Direct Mail Campaign”).

Learn more about this update in our HubSpot Article.





April 6, 2018

Text Messages in your Dashboard!

You may have noticed a blue message icon showing up in your in your dashboard table in PhoneWagon recently. That means customers are texting your tracking number! You can now see when you get a text and even read the message directly in the dashboard by clicking View message.

We are excited about this update because you can now see and count your leads that come in as text messages directly next to your leads that come in as calls in your dashboard.  





April 4, 2018

Salesforce Integration Released!

You can now view your call activity from PhoneWagon in Salesforce! Your call activity will pushed into your Contacts or Leads section in Salesforce and you can choose which section you’d like PhoneWagon to create new contacts.

Learn more about the Salesforce integration here.   





February 16, 2018

Text Forwarding for Everyone!

Are your customers texting your tracked numbers?  Do you even know if your customers are texting your tracked numbers? You can now enable SMS and MMS message forwarding for your PhoneWagon tracked numbers!

With text forwarding enabled, when your customers text a tracked number that message will forward to your forwarding number where you can read and reply to your customers directly!

To learn more about this or get it turned on for your account, email






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