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Oct 11, 2018

Custom Call Flows

We're excited to announce our biggest feature release to date!

With PhoneWagon, you can now create a custom call flow and use these flows with your PhoneWagon numbers. Our custom call flows allow you to create an IVR with unlimited extensions, round robin routing, simultaneous ring, and so much more.


Setting up call routing using our custom call flow builder is a breeze. When configuring a phone, simply hit the Add Call Flow button to start creating a call flow. From there, you can select a pre-made call flow or create a new one from scratch. Here’s a few examples of how you can use custom call flows with your business:

  • IVR: Your callers can choose an extension (i.e. press 1 for sales, press 2 for support). This allows you to serve your customers better by directing them to the correct department.
  • Round robin: This feature allows you to distribute phone calls to multiple destination numbers. This may be a sales team that you evenly distribute the inbound phone calls to each rep; or you can create a round robin to distribute phone calls to multiple lead buyers.
  • Prevent voicemails from connecting: Instead of your customers getting a voicemail, choose to prevent voicemail from connecting and route to another extension.
  • Ringing a number for XX seconds: If no one answers after xx seconds, route the call to another number.


To view, edit or delete existing call flows, go to your My Numbers section and hit the new Call Flows tab. From here you can see how many flows you have active, how many numbers are using each flow and you can create, edit or delete call flows. 





Aug 28, 2018

Canadian Numbers

We’re excited to announce the launch of Canadian numbers in PhoneWagon! You can now search our library of Canadian phone numbers and choose the one perfect for your business.


In the Add a Number section, simply click the United States drop down and select Canada. Now you can search from a wide range of Canadian area codes to choose a number for your business. You can also forward to Canadian numbers as well in the Configure Number section

Pretty great eh!




July 9, 2018

UTM Parameter Dynamic Numbers

We’ve added another type of dynamic number to give you more specificity with your tracking.  You can now use a UTM parameter to determine which visitors see your dynamic number and are ultimately tracked through PhoneWagon. 


When configuring a new dynamic number or editing an existing one, you can now select the Contains UTM option. Once you select this option, insert the UTM parameter you would like to track. Now only visitors to your site that have come via the ad or landing page you are referencing will see your dynamic pool of numbers. 

This is great for tracking visitors coming from ads or landing pages!


July 1, 2018

Filter your Dashboard Call Activity Table

You can now filter the call activity table in your Dashboard by First Time Callers Only, Messages Only, Calls Only or Calls and Messages. This filter gives you more control and ability to see just the information that is important to you!


To access this filter simply tap the 'Calls Only' label at the top of your call activity feed on your Dashboard. Then filter to only see the type of activity you want.

*Note: First Time Callers Only will also show First Time Texters. 



June 26, 2018

Set Your Numbers to Receive Texts

We’ve made it super simple for you to forward texts from any of your PhoneWagon numbers directly to your cell phone.

Navigate to your My Numbers section, click the number you would like to forward calls from and go to the Configure tab.  


In the Forward calls to section, you will see a toggle called Text forwarding. Toggle this on to have SMS and MMS sent directly to your forwarding number along with calls. 



June 20, 2018

Connect PhoneWagon Using Zapier!

PhoneWagon is now on Zapier! With Zapier you can use your PhoneWagon account as a trigger and configure hundreds of different integrations. Set up automated emails, push calls into google sheets, or even send yourself slack messages. 

To start using Zapier with PhoneWagon, you first need to follow this link to accept the invite to the private PhoneWagon Zapier app. 

Once you have accepted the invite you can create your first zap with PhoneWagon as the trigger! You have 4 trigger actions to choose from: SMS Received, Phone Call Started, Phone Call completed or Phone Call Marked as lead.


After selecting your action, connecting your PhoneWagon account and choosing your company, you then select which other app from the Zapier catalog will be part of your Zap. Some popular PhoneWagon Zaps include: Pushing calls or leads from PhoneWagon into Google Sheets, Gmail alerts,, Pipedrive, Marketo, Slack, Zoho CRM, ActiveCampaign and more! 

Once you pick an app to push your PhoneWagon calls to, you can map the data being pushed there. This step will differ depending on the app you are pushing the PhoneWagon data too. 


In the image above, you can see an example of one way to map data into Slack. 

If you are ready to make your first Zap:

Click Here to Get Started!



June 12, 2018

Set Timezone per Company

The 'Companies' tab in your account settings has gotten much more valuable with this update.  Account Owners and 'Admin' users can get to this section by hitting the profile icon in the top right corner and then clicking 'Account' to enter their account settings. 


In the 'Companies' tab, you will now see a summary of all the companies (sub accounts) in your account that includes how many active numbers each company has, how many minutes have been used by each company since your last invoice and what timezone each company is set to. You can also see a total number of active numbers and minutes used across all companies here.  

Now, when creating a new company (or editing an existing one), you will see the option to set a default timezone for that company. 


All dates and times in the company will appear in the format of the selected timezone for all users unless you turn on the 'Display Local Timezones' option. Toggling this option on means all data will appear in the timezone local to the specific user viewing that data. The default timezone will still be used well sending out email notifications and summaries.  




May 29, 2018

Multi-Company Manager

A simple yet powerful update! Now when assigning the role of "Company Manager" to user you will see the option to assign them multiple companies within your account to have access to.


By default, the company you are currently in will be selected to give the new Company Manager access to; but you can add more companies to give this user the ability to buy numbers, tag calls, configure numbers and more across multiple companies in your account. 





May 25, 2018

View and Download Invoices

You can now view and download your invoices directly in the 'Billing' tab in your Account Settings. Hooray!


For any invoice that came out after May 24, 2018 you will see 'View Invoice' and download buttons next to the status in the invoice section in your Billing tab. Tapping 'View Invoice' will bring up a popup that allows you to view the invoice in your browser.

Invoice_Screenshot.pngYou will see the total amount of the invoice and the breakdown of charges between minutes and messages. You will also see a breakdown by the companies within your account. 






May 8, 2018

Edit and Delete Tags

We've made a few changes to improve your ability to work with tags. You will now notice when you hover over a tag you can 'edit' that tag. This gives you the ability to change the name of the tag or the color associated with it. Just make your changes and hit 'save'. If you hit edit, you also have the ability to delete that tag (This will remove the tag from all calls previously tagged with the deleted tag). Anytime you edit a tag or create a new tag, that tag will be moved to the top of your tag menu.

As always, let us know what you think of this update and tell us anything you would like to see different with your tags. Just tap the chat icon in the bottom right!






April 26, 2018

We Updated the HubSpot Integration!

We heard your requests and we made the changes! We are no longer filling in fake emails when creating new contacts in HubSpot. Hooray!

Also, if the call being pushed into HubSpot didn’t come from a dynamic number, we are now pushing the PhoneWagon campaign name as the call source in HubSpot (i.e. “Call Source: Direct Mail Campaign”).

Learn more about this update in our HubSpot Article.





April 6, 2018

Text Messages in your Dashboard!

You may have noticed a blue message icon showing up in your in your dashboard table in PhoneWagon recently. That means customers are texting your tracking number! You can now see when you get a text and even read the message directly in the dashboard by clicking View message.

We are excited about this update because you can now see and count your leads that come in as text messages directly next to your leads that come in as calls in your dashboard.  





April 4, 2018

Salesforce Integration Released!

You can now view your call activity from PhoneWagon in Salesforce! Your call activity will pushed into your Contacts or Leads section in Salesforce and you can choose which section you’d like PhoneWagon to create new contacts.

Learn more about the Salesforce integration here.   





February 16, 2018

Text Forwarding for Everyone!

Are your customers texting your tracked numbers?  Do you even know if your customers are texting your tracked numbers? You can now enable SMS and MMS message forwarding for your PhoneWagon tracked numbers!

With text forwarding enabled, when your customers text a tracked number that message will forward to your forwarding number where you can read and reply to your customers directly!

To learn more about this or get it turned on for your account, email






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