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Follow the steps below to learn how to configure a Dynamic Number:

Please Note: It's important that you are in the correct company. Please choose company from the drop down list prior to adding a new number (campaign). If you didn't create the company where you want to add the number, please do so prior to this step.

Step 1: Click “+Add Number” button on the left side menu

Step 2: Select the "Dynamic Numbers" tab​​

Step 3: Choose a Campaign Name

This is how we will refer to the tracking number in reports. Pick something that describes this campaign or source (examples: Website, Landing Page)

Step 4: Choose which traffic you want the dynamic number to swap out for.

  • All Visitors - This will track every person who clicks onto your page (AdWords, Organic, Direct, etc.)
  • Only Visitors Coming from Google AdWords - This will make it so the dynamic number only swaps when a visitor is coming from Google Paid
  • Web Referrals FromThis will track visitors coming from a specific site
  • Contains UTM - This will track visitors coming from a specific URL with a UTM Source that is defined
  • All Visitors Except Direct Traffic - Very similar to "All Visitors" except for direct traffic will not be recorded.

Step 5: Configure where the phone calls will be forwarded to / preferences.

  • Forward Calls to - This will be the "Destination Number" or the number that you want to forward each of the tracked calls to.
  • Call Recording - Use this button to toggle call recording on / off
  • Play a Greeting to Callers - This button will allow you to set a custom greeting, or something standard such as "This call may be recorded for quality assurance"
  • Play a Whisper Message - A whisper message would be played to the person answering the phone

Step 6: Implementing the Number / Creating the Pool

  • Number to Swap Out - This is the number that is currently on the site and/or landing page. PhoneWagon is going to search for this number on the page, and swap it out with the pool that is created.
  • Use Toll-Free Numbers - You have the option to choose toll Free Numbers.
  • Create a Pool of - The minimum amount of numbers to have in a dynamic pool is 4, but feel free to add as many as you'd like.
  • Numbers with a (blank) area code - You can choose the specific area code that you would like the pool of numbers to be drawn from. Most of the time, you would use the same area code that the business is located in.
  • Cookie Duration - Set a number of days that the script should cookie in the visitors - default is 365
  • JQuery - If there is already JQuery included on the site where you are implementing the code, you can turn ours off (Tip: keep this on, if you notice anything on the site that appears different after the code is implemented, come back and shut this off)

Step 7: Activate Number

When everything is set, click Activate Number in the bottom right of the screen.


It's as easy as that! You've successfully added a new campaign / dynamic number pool. 


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