How to Record Phone Calls


Recording a phone call in PhoneWagon is simple and easy! Please follow the screen shots below, or watch the video to learn how.


Step By Step Guide:

Step 1: Go to the correct company, and click on "My Numbers" in the left panel

Step 2: Select the Campaign that you wish to record the calls for.

Step 3: Click on the "Configure Number" tab.

Step 4: Toggle call recording on / off



Play A Greeting To Callers - This message will be read to the customer prior to the phone ringing.

Play A Whisper Message - This message will be read to the person answering the phone as soon as they pick up.


The example above shows a static number - to turn on / off call recording for a dynamic number follow the same steps, you'll just need to scroll a little bit when you're on the "Configure" tab!




Questions? Send an email to - or submit a ticket here.

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