White Labeling with PhoneWagon - Domain


white label account is set up for companies who are going to re-brand original software URL, colors, logo, etc. to obtain the impression that the company is the absolute owner of the software. PhoneWagon provides such opportunity for you!


To White Label with PhoneWagon, please follow the next steps:

Step 1: Preparation

In order to White Label, your subscription must be Pro, Agency, or higher.

Preparation required for White Labeling:

  1. Transparent Back Logo. Preferably an SVG File, and one that will look good on a dark background.
  2. URL extension you would like the site on such as:
    •  calls.yourwebsitehere.com
  3. Verify Domain

Step 2: Email Us

Send an email to support@phonewagon.com containing the details shown below:

  1. PhoneWagon Account Email:
  2. My transparent back logo in SVG format is in attachment. (Do not forget to attach logo!):
  3. My URL (e.i. calls.yourwebsitehere.com)


That is all that you need to do to be White Labeled with PhoneWagon!


Questions? Send an email to support@phonewagon.com - or submit a ticket here.

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