How to Test Dynamic Number Insertion


To create a Dynamic number see “How To Add Numbers - Dynamic”

After creation and addition of dynamic numbers to the website’s source code, it is important to check that Dynamic numbers are working correctly on your website.


Follow the next steps to check Dynamic number efficiency:

Step 1: Open Website via Direct Link

Open the website with Dynamic Numbers via direct link, and be sure that it is swapped out by one number from the pool of numbers. In this step, you are checking to see that the number on your website's page is indeed being swapped for one of the dynamic numbers chosen from PhoneWagon.

Step 1.2: Real Time Tab

Visit Real Time tab of your Dynamic Number within PhoneWagon, and check the information regarding the Dynamic Number that is displayed on our website. Here you can see:

Number: One number from the pool of Dynamic numbers.
Activate Date:
 Date when current Dynamic number was displayed on the website last

  1. "Direct” means that user typed the direct URL of your website to open it. 
  2. "Facebook,” means that user reached your website via Facebook or Twitter advertisement.
  3. Google Paid” means that user reached your website via AdWords advertisement.
  4.  "Browser / OS" shows the Browser and OS that user used to open your website.

Step 1.3: Test Call the Dynamic Number via Direct Link

Call the number that you got after opening website via Direct Link. Go to the Dashboard, and check that the call was tracked with source = Direct.

Step 2: Test Google Paid

To simulate reference = Google paid (tracked when user reaches your website via AdWord Advertising), add the following postfix to your URL:




Step 2.1: Real Time Tab

Visit Real Time tab of your Dynamic Number and check the information regarding the last user.

Last record in table refers to the Google Paid source.

Step 2.2: Call to the Dynamic Number with source = Google Paid.

After you test call this number; go to the Dashboard and check that call was tracked with source = Google Paid.


  1. If after following all steps described above you still can’t see dynamic number on your website, please check presence of jQuery library at your website. For information on how to check it see “How to create Dynamic number (Step 5e)”.
  2. If your PhoneWagone company is integrated with AdWord, call from step 2.2 will not be tracked by AdWord, as AdWord tracks all call from users that reaches website via AdWord advertisement (source = Google Paid) and valid gclid (set by AdWord). gclid = test is just simulation of click, therefore AdWord will not track such calls.
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