How to Add Numbers - Local & Toll Free


Follow the steps below to add a new Static Number:

Please Note: It's important that you are in the correct company. Please choose company from the drop down list prior to adding a new number (campaign). If you didn't create the company where you want to add the number, please do so prior to this step.

Step 1: Click “+Add Number” button on the left side menu


Step 2: Select the Appropriate Tab

Select the tab based on the type of number you would like to add to your campaign (Local or Toll Free).

Note: If you are adding a Dynamic Number, Please refer to How to Add Numbers - Dynamic


Implementing the Number

Creation of Local and Toll Free number are approximately the same with only one distinction: search area code is possible only for Local Numbers.

Step 1: Search the Appropriate Local Area Code

Search the appropriate Local Area Code in which you would like to use, and click on the “+Add” button on the right near the number that choose.

Note: This will not be available for Toll Free Numbers, you can only search the area code for Local

Step 2: A window will prompt you to confirm this is the Number you would like - to continue press “Yes”

Step 3: Mandatory Fields

Fill in all mandatory fields for “Local/Toll Free Number” according to your preference, and click switches to turn on.

A) To create Local/Toll Free numbers, the following fields should be filled in:

  1. Campaign Name – whatever you want to call this campaign/number
  2. Forward Calls to – this number receives the calls, forwarding calls can be received by one or more numbers

B) Switches:

  1. Call Recording –  incoming calls will be recorded
  2. Play Greeting Message to Callers – callers listen to greeting message before the phone rings
  3. Play Whisper Message – the short message for call recipient before the call is answered 

Step 3: To save click “Save changes” button

Step 4: Place the tracked number within your campaign, and watch the phone calls roll in!



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