What type of Dynamic Numbers do I need for my Marketing Campaign?


Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) is a call tracking feature where a unique phone number is tied to each of your clients in accordance with a dynamic pool of numbers. 

Each concurrent visitor to your website sees a unique phone number from your dynamic number pool. That way, when a number is called, we can track which current website visitor is calling and allows us to track the referral source they came from.

Dynamic Numbers & PhoneWagon

There are 4 types of dynamic number tracking based on the source from where users come from:

  1. All Users (recommended) - if you want to know all sources from where your users come from, select this type of call tracking. Your dynamic number will be shown for all users that visit your web application.
  2. Only visitors coming from Google AdWords - select this type of call tracking if you use Google AdWord advertising for the site where dynamic number is inserted, and you want to track only those users who reaches your site via AdWord ad. The dynamic number on you site will only swap out for visitors that come through your AdWord ad.
  3. Web referrals from - this is how you are going to refer to this tracking number in reports. Pick something (like Facebook, Twitter, etc.) that describes this campaign or source if you want to track visitors from this source only. The dynamic number on your site will only swap out for visitors that come through the specified source.
  4. All visitors except direct traffic - select this type of call tracking if you are interesting in only in those users, who reaches your site from different sources (like AdWord, Facebook, etc.), but not via direct link. The dynamic number will swap for all visitors except those who directly type in the URL or come through a bookmark.

The source of the call is displayed on the Dashboard and Number Call Log pages

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