How to Create Custom Tags in PhoneWagon


Customized tags allow you to label any call by specific information that you wish to view and keep track of. These will give you the ability to categorize all calls to different sections according to the purpose/result of calling.

Step 1: Select Company 

On the PhoneWagon homepage, select a company where you are going to add custom tags.


Step 2: Go to  Dashboard

In order to tag a phone call, you must have pre-existing phone calls on your dashboard. Find a specific phone call that you would like to tag.

Step 3: Сlick “Tag Call” 

Go into the specific phone call that you would like to apply a tag to, and click on "Tag Call." Clicking on "Tag Call" will give you the options as shown in Step 4.

Step 4: Create Custom Tag

In the appeared popup click “+ Custom Tag” and type title of new tag.


Step 4.1: Save

Simply save your new tag by pressing "Enter" on your keyboard.

Now it is possible for you to tag any call by just adding a custom tag (or using an existing one)!


Note: it is possible to select more than 1 tag for a single phone call:


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