How to Create Multiple Companies in PhoneWagon


When you sign up for PhoneWagon, you automatically create your primary company. It  appears on the left sidebar by default immediately after your first login to your account. Please note that it is impossible to remove primary company, as it is your default company.​

PhoneWagon gives you the ability to create as many companies as you would like to. This feature is very useful if you have multiple office locations that are situated in different cities/countries that you don’t want to mix call activity for. With PhoneWagon, you are able to create separate accounts that track all calls for all offices/locations separately. Below are the two different methods available to create a company within PhoneWagon.

Option 1: Create a Company via Left Sidebar

Step 1:  Expand “Select a company” drop down on the left sidebar and click “+ New Company”


Step 2: Select Company Title/ Time Zone

After you click to add a new company, a "Create New Company" dialog box will pop up on your screen. This step allows you to customize the name of your new company. You also have the ability to choose the timezone.

Step 3: Save

Be sure that you are clicking "Save" in order to save the progress that you have made. To check the new company saved, look to the left of the screen in the drop box - the new company is displayed in the left side bar and added into the companies list.

Option 2: Create a Company via Companies Page

Step 1: Go to Account > Companies Tab

Opening this tab will show you a list of pre-existing companies that you already have in PhoneWagon, and also gives you the option to add a new company.




  • It’s possible to edit a company after it is already created - open Companies tab (Account), select the appropriated company and click on the Edit icon (shown above).​
  • Deleting a company - it's possible to delete a company after it is already added to your system by pressing the "Delete" button when you go into update.

Please note that it is impossible to remove primary company, as it is your default company.




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