If you are getting nuisance robo-calls, you can prevent them by using this template. The IVR menu will prompt callers to press 1 to connect. If the caller does not press 1, the call will be disconnected.

Step 1. Click the 3 lines icon on the left side menu bar

Step 2. Once on the Call Flows Page, click Add Call Flow

Step 3. Choose the company where this Call Flow will live

Step 4. Select the Prevent spam calls, call flow and then select Use this template

Step 5. The next series shows you how to build out your call flow by following the flow chart of actions on the template. When you click on each flow card, the detailed options pop-up appears.

A. Assign the call flow

Start by selecting the Tracked lines/Numbers where this call flow will be assigned.

B. Set business hours

Then setting up business hours as well as an voicemail for hours when the business is closed.

C. Voicemail

You can record your own voicemail greeting within the call flow or upload a prerecorded voicemail greeting of your own.

D. Set up the IVR Greeting message and assign the menu items on the keypad

Set up a Greeting message for the caller. For this example in spam prevention, we recommend something simple like "press 1 for to be connected". Once again, you have a couple options for the greeting - use a robo message or a prerecorded message.

Select the menu items that correspond with the IVR greeting options. For the above example, only 1 menu item is needed.

** Be sure to review the options at the bottom of the IVR menu configuration pop-out.

That's it! Leave the remaining parts of the call flow as they are and save your work.

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