A Sequential Flow will ring a set of numbers in a specific sequential order for each caller.

Follow along below to review the template and set up this call flow!

Step 1. Click the 3 lines icon on the left side menu bar

Step 2. Once on the Call Flows Page, click Add Call Flow

Step 3. Choose the company where this Call Flow will live

Step 4. Select the Blank flow and begin building out the flow.

Step 5. The next series shows you how to build out your call flow by following the flow chart of actions on the template. When you click on each flow card, the detailed options pop-up appears.

A. Assign the call flow

Start by selecting the Tracked lines/Numbers where this call flow will be assigned.

B. Set business hours

Then setting up business hours as well as an voicemail for hours when the business is closed.

C. Voicemail

You can record your own voicemail greeting within the call flow or upload a prerecorded voicemail greeting of your own.

Hover your mouse under the Open hours to reveal the Plus icon for adding a new call flow card.

D. Forwarding

Select the Forward call option and a new card to set up the forwarding options will appear.

Choose the Seat/Forwarding line from the Select Routing menu

IMPORTANT NOTE: Leave the Ring strategy as Simultaneous Ring. It will only ring the lines simultaneously if you click + Add another Forwarding Line/Seat User and additional routing within the SAME CARD.

Repeat Step 5D. for building out additional routing for this sequential flow.

Step 6. Once you establish your forwarding lines separately, you leave the End call card for the call to end if no one answers. Or you can hover over the line under "If no one answers" to reveal the Plus icon for adding the next card, likely a voicemail.

See below if setting up a voicemail as the last step before the call ends.

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