PhoneWagon's new call flows allows you to create IVR menus with Call Flows built in. You can easily view the options for the caller and where they will be routed based on that selection. You can now Route to Seats, Saved Forwarding lines, build in Sequential flows and so much more. Check below for how to begin creating an IVR menu!

  1. Click Call Flows on the Left menu.

2. Click Add Call Flow in the top right then select the Company you want to associate the call flow with.

3. You can then start the IVR menu through 2 ways. Starting with a blank flow and selecting IVR as your first step, OR skip the extra click by selecting the IVR (Menu) template.

4. Click into each Box to set up which numbers you want to add the Call Flow to.

A. Click into this box to select the numbers you want this Call Flow to route through.

B. Set up business hours if applicable. You can set your hours up to send calls straight to voicemail when you are closed.

C. Set up your out of hours Voicemail.

5. Click the IVR Menu block (A)

B. Select "Use a robo Message" and type in what you want your IVR menu to say! Ex. Thank you for calling PhoneWagon, Press 1 for John or 2 for Susie.

C. Select the amount of menu options you need.

6. You can also use, or create a voice recording oof your own!

A. Select "Use a Recorded Message" You can Click "Record a Greeting" To record a greeting directly to PhoneWagon, or use an mp3 recording as well!

B. Set up the amount of time the IVR repeats before moving on to the no input step.

7. Once you have set up the IVR Menu you can set up the routing! You can now build in Sequential Ringing, Simultaneous Ringing, Forwarding to Seats, or even a Round Robin Sales Cycle right into this single flow! Each Menu option is indicated with the Number above. Click into each box to set up the routing for each selection.

8. Selecting option 1, I chose to simultaneously ring Carver's and Bobby's Forwarding Lines. (Always click Save at the bottom not pictured here)

9. You can also select what happens to the caller if there is not input selected. You can send the caller to voicemail, set a forward to somewhere else, or select to end the call from no input.

10. Finally, you can select what happens if no one answers the phone. You can send the call to voicemail, forward the call somewhere else or have an entire new call flow!

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