Integrating your Microsoft Ads account with PhoneWagon allows calls to be pushed as Offline Conversions to Microsoft Ads.

After granting PhoneWagon the necessary permissions, you will see this screen prompting you to select a Microsoft Ads account and enter the Developer Token for the account. You need to be an administrator of the Microsoft account in order to access the Token.

After activating the integration, PhoneWagon will create an Offline Conversion Goal in the Microsoft Ads account. The goal will be called "Phone Calls" and will have all the default settings. Do not change the name of this goal, or else the integration will not be able to push your phone call conversion data.

Feel free to tailor the other settings to your needs though. You might not want Phone Call conversions to count with the other conversions; or you may want to set a constant value for each conversion. PhoneWagon does not set any value when it pushes the conversions.

Be aware that conversions are unable to be pushed to a goal for the first 2 hours after its creation. Additionally, conversions can take up to 5 hours to appear in Microsoft Ads after they are sent. This 5 hour delay can always happen; not just after the goal is created. Both of these are Microsoft Ads limitations.

The only calls that PhoneWagon will push to Microsoft Ads are ones that were tagged with a Microsoft Advertising Click ID (MSCLKID). Click here to read more about MSCLKIDs. This means only calls to dynamic numbers and only when the user arrived at the site through a Microsoft Ad.

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