Google released Google Analytics 4 (GA4) in October 2020 to give businesses a better tool to gain marketing insights. You can read more about it here.

The PhoneWagon GA4 integration will give you the capabilities of Universal Google Analytics integration plus the ability for PhoneWagon to push more attribution data.

How to Setup GA4 integration

* Note: Your property needs to be a GA4 property to use the integration. Check out this article if you need to upgrade your property to GA4.

  • Login to GA4 to find your property's measurement id and secret.

    Admin > Data Streams > choose your stream > Measurement Protocol

  • Go to "Company Settings" in PhoneWagon to enable the integration.

Details on what gets pushed to GA4

Both inbound phone calls and texts are pushed to GA4. If "Sync repeat callers" is checked every phone call or SMS will generate an event, while if it's unchecked only the first call or SMS from a number will do so.

Phone calls generate a "phone_call" event and SMSes generate an "sms" event. All events have two types of properties:

  • Properties starting with pw_ are custom fields which only appear in events from PhoneWagon.

  • Properties not starting with pw_ also appear in other events provided by Google Analytics 4.

The following PhoneWagon event properties appear for all events:

  • pw_campaign_number: Your phone number on PhoneWagon that was contacted.

  • pw_campaign_name: The name associated with your number.

  • pw_contact_number: The phone number of the customer who contacted you.

  • pw_first_time: True if this was the first time this number contacted you, false otherwise. (Will always be true if "Sync repeat callers" is unset)

  • pw_call_duration: The duration of the call in seconds. (phone_call events only)

Some or all of the following generic event properties may be set for dynamic numbers displayed on web pages:

  • source, medium, term, campaign, content: UTM parameters.

  • gclid: The Google Click ID if the caller found your page via Google Ads.

  • page_location: The page where your number was displayed.

  • page_referrer: The page the user was referred to your page from, if they found your website by clicking a link rather than from a bookmark or by typing in the URL.


  • Google Analytics 4 does not immediately show events in most areas. To verify new events are being registered, please view the "realtime" dashboard and verify that it is updated with your events shortly after a call or SMS.

  • If events are not appearing for repeat callers, please verify that "Sync repeat callers" is checked for your integration.

  • We are unable to validate whether your measurement ID and API secret are correct. If your events don't appear in GA4 after the above steps please double-check that you've entered your information into PhoneWagon correctly.

Note: The integration is currently not linking these custom events to the page view session, this work is planned for first quarter of 2021.

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