This week we’re excited to announce a new feature in Inbox, “List View”, to make Inbox easier for teams to manage inbound and outbound activity and generate more valuable insights.

You can come here to view your call & text records in real-time, see which marketing campaign is driving the most leads, see the trends, and so much more. Check it out!

Screenshots for List View

Cooperating ‘Log Explorer’ with Inbox to manage leads efficiently, in one place

List View is not a brand new feature, previously we call it “Log Explorer” and it takes you back to the classic app. So, users come to Inbox to communicate with customers, and they back to Log Explorer to analyze the data. In order to reduce the back and forth among different features and bring users a more smooth workflow. We bring them together, in Inbox.

Now, with one click, you can switch between the conversation view and the list view.

More product updates are coming soon…

  • take notes in Inbox

  • export the list view

  • ....

As always, we’ll continue to listen to your feedback and we will have more design updates coming soon. Let us hear your voice, get into your use cases, and make PhoneWagon better for you.


Q: How can I filter the list?

With a recent update, we moved all the filters to the sidebar, you can filter based on Tags, Companies, Numbers, Duration, Keywords, and other filters. At the top right of the page, you can also pick up the time range you would like to see.

Q: Can I export the list?

Yes, but not now. It's something we are working on and you will see it soon.

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