Create an inbox that allows you to work efficiently! In the Inbox view, there are many ways to filter your list to narrow the view of activity within your account. You can also save your filtered views to for quick access in the future.

Follow the steps below to see how!

Step 1. Click into your Inbox view.

Step 2. Notice the View and Filters on the left side under Inbox.

By default, All conversations, All calls, and All texts will be saved views.

Step 3. To create a saved view, first create a filter. Click Manage filters to get started.

Then check off the options you wish to include in the filter.

You can also expand the default filter options such as Company or Number for additional filtering options. You may want to see callers of a certain type for a specific company, for example.

Step 4. Once you have the right filters in place for your view, you can save it! Click +Save view. You will name the view in the Save New View field and click Save.

Your saved filter then becomes a part of your Views list to access in the future!

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