Are you looking to create a custom label or leave a note to quickly reference call recordings or types of phone calls? Use the Tag/Note feature within your Inbox!

Follow along below to see how!

Step 1. Click Inbox on the left side menu bar (You may be here already after hanging up the call).

Step 2. Find the call or text you wish to tag. Within the Conv view, hover over the area beside the call/text activity to reveal the Tag/Note icon. Click the Tag icon to tag the activity.

Here is what it you will see if you click the Note icon.

Here is what it looks like in your list view.

Step 3. Click to use an existing Tag or click Add New Tag to create a new reusable Tag. To edit existing Tags, click the little pencil icon to the right of the Tag.

Step 4. Once you click Add New Tag, you will give the Tag a name, choose the color, and click Create Tag.

Step 5. After you click Create Tag, it will revert back to the previous screen for you to select the newly created Tag for your call. Click Submit when done!

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