PhoneWagon's Round Robin option is a easy to use tool to ensure your calls are evenly distributed to your team. This is perfect for a sales cycle and so many other uses! Follow below to set up your Round Robin Call flow!

Step 1: Click "Call Flows" on the left hand Menu. It may be collapsed so you may need to open the menu.


Step 2: Make sure to choose the company you want to associate the Call Flow to (Marked A in screenshot). Then click "+ Add Call Flow" (Marked B).

Step 3: Select the Round Robin option and then click Start With this.

Step 4: A -Name the Call Flow

B - Set up Hosted Voicemail if needed

C - Set up where to forward text messages

D - Enter the numbers you want to rotate through in your Round Robin! Click Add another Number to add more or the trash can to remove.

Step 5: A - Here you can select what happens if the person the call goes to does not answer. You have 2 options. 1 Ring the next number in the queue.

2. Complete the step of the call flow pushing to either our hosted voicemail or the next step in the call flow (Marked as C in the call flow where you can then do things like Sequential or simultaneous rings if no one in round robin answers.)

B - Prevent Voicemails From Connecting - This button will either send the caller to the next step in the flow or to our Hosted Voicemail system. Without this, one of the Round Robin voicemails may intercept the call flow.

C - You can add additional steps to this round robin in case no one answers. You can add Sequential flows, simultaneous rings or just simple forwards as well!

D - Click Save Call Flow!

**Please Note - Each number will ring for 15 seconds. To have the call go through multiple people in the sequence increase he Ring time at the bottom from 30 seconds to however many people you want to ring times 15 seconds. (Ex. 3 people takes 45 seconds) If you leave this option at 30 seconds we will ring to the next step or hosted voicemail.**

Step 6: The last thing you need to do is attach this Call Flow to the numbers you need to. Click the Back button in the top left

Step 7: Click the numbers tab on the left. You may have to extend the menu.


Step 8: Make sure you have the proper company selected in the top right corner, then select the gear Icon to the right side of the number you want to add the Sequential Flow to.

Step 9: Click "Update Number!

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