PhoneWagon's Sequential Call Flow is an easy way to forward to multiple lines one after another. You can set each one to ring for a certain amount of time before moving on to the next. Follow the steps below to set up your Sequential Ring!

Step 1: Click "Call Flows" on the left hand Menu. It may be collapsed so you may need to open the menu.


Step 2: Make sure to choose the company you want to associate the Call Flow to (Marked A in screenshot). Then click "+ Add Call Flow" (Marked B).

Step 3: Select Sequential Flow then "Start with this"

Step 4:

A - Name the Call Flow

B - Set up Hosted Voicemail and Text Forwarding.

  • If hosted voicemail is not set up you can send the call to the final numbers voicemail.

Step 5:

A - Enter the numbers in the order you want them to ring in the spots marked A in the screenshot.

B - Add another number to ring to at the same time as the number in the step.

C - Make Sure "Prevent Voicemails from connecting" Is checked. This button will either push the call to the next step (If unanswered) OR to the hosted voicemail. If left unchecked the forwarding lines Voicemail may interrupt the flow.

D - Set how long you want the line to ring for before moving to the next step.

E - Add a step into the call flow.

F - Add additional steps as needed!

Step 6: You can add several more steps and or sequential flows, add Simultaneous Ring Flows in the process (See B in pic above) Then click Save Call Flow.

Step 7: The last thing you need to do is attach this Call Flow to the numbers you need to. Click the Back button in the top left

Step 8: Click the numbers tab on the left. You may have to extend the menu.


Step 9: Make sure you have the proper company selected in the top right corner, then select the gear Icon to the right side of the number you want to add the Sequential Flow to.

Step 10: Click "Update Number!

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