PhoneWagon will not only track the source of your inbound Phone calls but can also provide you with multiple options on where the call is forwarded to. We have everything from Menu's where the caller can be forwarded on their selection to forwarding to multiple phones at the same time! Check below for an overview on all the different options.

Option A: Simple Forward

Similar to Forward lines but with a few extra features like the hosted voicemail as well as forwarding calls to one phone and texts to another! Select Forward Call and then Start with This to get going.

Option B: Sequential Flow

With this option you can forward to 1 line, if that user does not answer you can then move on to another forwarding line. You can continue doing this for several lines! Click HERE to learn More!

Option C: Simultaneous Ring

This option will let you ring multiple lines at the same time. Whichever line answers first is who will receive the call! Click HERE to learn more!

Option D: IVR (Menu)

The IVR option will allow you to personalize a message to your caller directing them to make a selection and you can then forward the caller based on that selection. Click HERE to learn more in depth of how to use the IVR menu!

Option E: Round Robin

This feature is most often used for an even distribution of calls like in a sales cycle. The first person in line takes the call and then goes to the back of the line. You will have several choices on what to do if the person doesn't answer the calls. Click HERE To learn more!

Option F: Blank Flow

The Blank flow allows you to star with a blank slate and create so many different Call Flow options. Emergency lines that evenly distribute the first call evenly and if that person doesn't answer a simultaneous ring to many different people and more!

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