We have been getting a ton of requests for a "Straight to Voicemail" Call Flow. This is how you can set it up in PhoneWagon.

To set up a Call Flow, Click Call Flows on the left side of your Inbox view.

Then choose "Add Call Flow"

Choose "Blank Flow". Then "Start with this"

Enable/Configure Hosted Voicemail.
(Click here for more on Hosted Voicemail)

For the final step, we just need to have 1 step in the flow. We can use a "Silent Greeting" for this step. Since you can record Greetings in the flow, just record 1 quick second of silence.

Then all you need to do is save and apply the Call Flow in "Call Routing". You can also set up a unique Tracked Line with this flow and insert it into an "IVR" Menu. This is a cool workaround for "Press 3 for Voicemail". Hope this helps!

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