Using PhoneWagon's Hosted Voicemail is an easy way to distinguish different voicemails for different customers or to separate your personal and business voicemails. Follow the simple steps below to set up your Voicemails and separate yourself from the competition!

Step 1:

Click Call Flows on the left Panel. You will need to create a call flow and associate it with the Number you want it associated with after.

Step 2:

Make sure to select the Company that you want the Call Flow associated to. Then click "Add Call Flow"

Step 3:

You can use hosted voicemail with any of the call flow features. Select one of these and click "Start With this"

Step 4:

Name the Call flow, add in forwarding number and set up Text Forwarding if needed. If you hover your mouse next to the PLAY button as shown below you can create your voicemail!

Step 5:

You will then have several options to set up the voicemail. Option A in the screenshot will allow you to record a new voicemail directly into PhoneWagon. Option B will allow you to add an MP3 file of an already created Voicemail. The square with the C in it will Display all of the recorded voicemails set up in this company. Click Save

Step 6:

Click Save Call Flow

Step 7:

Click Inbox/New to go back to the new App.

Step 8:

Click the numbers tab and then select the Gear Icon to the right side to edit that number.

Step 9:

Select the Routing Drop Down tab and select the call flow you made. Then click Save!

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