Happy July! PhoneWagon is always working hard to improve the experience for our customers and make things more efficient. Today we are excited to announce an update of Inbox to better support your communication with leads. All the features you know and love are still there, with additional data attributes and easier navigation. A couple of highlights:

  • Redesigned layout with an additional panel for Lead attributes

  • More space for the Conversation

  • Improved recording player(coming soon)

Redesigned layout with an additional panel for Lead attribution

Inbox is designed to help marketers and small business owners capture, manage, and engage with their leads, in one place. Now, when you’re responding to a Lead in the Inbox, their attribution data is visible on the right panel. No more switching tabs or hunting for information. It’s there to help you quickly view the source of the Lead, what keywords they are searching and lots more; which provides all the context you need to answer your Lead’s question in a personal way.

More space for conversation

With PhoneWagon Inbox, you can see a history of all your activities (Call and SMS). It is the easiest place for you to check your voicemail, listen to a call recording and place outbound calls/messages. Inbox threads all the activities between a Lead and a PhoneWagon number into a Conversation. Now, we give more space for the Conversation so that you can see more customer activities and engage with your leads faster with context.

A lot useful features are waiting for you to explore…

In addition to the changes mentioned, there are useful features designed to smooth your workflow and help you move forward efficiently.

  • Create, customize and manage your saved views

  • Block numbers in Inbox

As always, we’ll continue to listen to your feedback and we will have more design updates coming soon. Together, we’ll continue to make PhoneWagon even better!

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