PhoneWagon's Workspaces Feature allows you to manage multiple PhoneWagon accounts with different billing from one Parent account. To learn how, follow below!

Step 1. Log into the "Child account." This will be the account being added to the account you log into.

Step 2. Navigate to the Account setting in the Bottom left Corner. Click "account" and then the "Gear" icon as shown below.

Step 3. Select the "Members" tab and then enter the "Parent account" email. This parent account will be where the Account manager logs into and switches between the managed accounts. Click invite!

You can see the invites and the managers after you have sent the invite.

Step 4. Log into the "Parent" account by logging out of the "child account" that you're currently in and login to the parent account (you'll need the credentials for that account). Click Account settings in the bottom left and navigate to the Workspaces menu as shown below to accept!

Step 7. Once accepted, you can toggle back and forth between the two workspaces using one email login.

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