Recording a phone call in PhoneWagon is simple and easy! Just follow the screen shots below!

Step 1: Select the numbers tab on the left side.

Step 2: Select the Campaign to edit.

You can either search for a campaign in the top left search bar, or go to the top right and filter the companies to narrow down the numbers to a select few.

Step 3: Select the Gear Icon to edit the campaign.

Step 4:Toggle on the call recording

Important Note: Each state has a different call recording law. Please make sure you are checking in with your state's local law to stay compliant.

Step 6: Select "Play Greeting" and choose how to set up your greeting.

When you toggle on the greeting you can choose to Use a Text Greeting and have the system read off the greeting,

OR if you select the "Select greeting" option, you can upload an MP3 or select from an already existing greeting.

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