How do I add a number?

To add a number you need to click the “add number” button. This will bring up our number center where you can begin adding and configuring numbers. Decide if you need a static or dynamic number, label the campaign where you’re going to use this number, and then choose an area code and your favorite number. After that you will be walked through configuring the number and then instantly your number is live and working!

Can I add my clients to my account?

Absolutely. All of our accounts allow you to add unlimited clients and users. By adding each of your clients in their own sub-account you are able to look at just one client's data at a time to make decisions. You are also able to provide your clients with their own login that only let’s them see the data inside their sub-account and their company.

Can I add additional users to my account?

Absolutely. You can setup as many users as you want inside your account. We have 5 different levels of permissions so there’s a user role for everyone. If you want to give a team member who works at your agency a login where they can see all clients or only specific clients that’s totally possible. And if you want to give a client a login to just see their data but not be able to edit, add, or delete anything, we have a user role for that as well.

How do I setup email notifications?

If you go to “company settings” → “notifications” you will have many options here to create email alerts and summaries. You can customize which user you want to send notifications to, the frequency, and which numbers you want to create notifications for. It’s extremely flexible.

What happens if I need additional numbers?

If you need to add additional numbers, you can simply pay for each additional number by adding it on to your current plan. Additional numbers cost $3 on the Starter plan, $2 on the Pro Plan, and $1.25 on the Agency plan. We charge the same amount for local and toll-free numbers.

What happens if I exceed my included minutes?

If you go over your included minutes you will be charge a fee per minute for each minute that you exceeded your plan allowance. Additional minutes cost $0.045 on the starter plan, $0.035 on the Pro plan, and $0.025 on the Agency plan. Again, we charge the same amount for local and toll-free minutes.

Why don’t I see international numbers?

Our base plans come with US and Canada numbers only. We have numbers in 50+ countries but they require us to configure your account for a specific country. Also, the pricing is different for international numbers and varies by country.

What’s the difference between a static number and a dynamic number?

A static number is typically associated with an offline campaign or is hard-coded on an asset like a banner ad. A dynamic number is designed for online campaigns. A dynamic number will rotate a pool of numbers on a website or landing page and then associate each number with the visitor that it’s displayed to. By tracking the numbers at the session level, we’re able to get a ton of data about the person calling including the keywords they searched, the landing page they landed on, their device type, and so much more. Dynamic numbers also are the only ones that integrate with Google Ads to push phone calls into Google Ads as conversions automatically.

Can I use my current phone numbers?

If you want to use your existing phone number we will need to port it into PhoneWagon. Think of it as us hosting your number. We will host the number and let you configure it however you want to route calls. Then we will provide data and analytics on the calls you received through this number.

How do I create extensions and a phone tree?

We have a very powerful call flow builder. You access this by going to your “my numbers” section and then over to “call flows”. Here is where you can build nearly any flow that you can think of including IVR, round robin, sequential rings, and so much more.

Can you do keyword-level tracking?

Yes, with dynamic numbers you can track incoming phone calls from your website back to the keyword that was searched. We integrate into Google Adwords to show these conversions alongside your keywords.

Do you integrate with Google Ads?

Yes - we have a native integration with Google Ads. Simply navigate to “company settings” and click on “integrations”. Here you will find all of our many integrations including Google Ads. If you’re an agency, you will connect your Google Ads account at the MCC level and then select the company within your account that you’d like to integrate with. By doing this integration, PhoneWagon automatically creates a conversion action called “PhoneCalls” in your Google Ads account. This will track all call from dynamic numbers for the company you’re in. The conversions even drill down to the keyword-level so you can adjust bids accordingly. It’s magic.

How do I see the keywords from Google Ads?

After you have integrated with Google Ads, you need to go to Settings → Account Settings from within your Google Ads dashboard. Turn on auto-tagging and then add the following parameters into “tracking template”:


By adding this tracking template we are ensuring that we’re capturing all the necessary data from the user’s session and passing that back to Google.

Do you integrate with Google Analytics?

Yes - we have a native integration with Google Analytics. We will push all call from all your numbers, both static and dynamic, into Google Analytics as events. You can setup a minimum duration for a call to be considered a conversion (i.e. only calls greater than 60 seconds will count as a conversion).

Can I white-label your software?

Absolutely. Our white-label capability is available to anyone on the Pro plan or higher. You will be provided with a full white-label account, custom domain or subdomain, custom email branding, and full dashboard branding. Your clients will never know that this isn't your own in-house proprietary system.

Can I make outbound calls with my PhoneWagon numbers?

Yes! Our Inbox section has outbound calling available. If you’re making a new outbound call to someone that hasn’t called before, you click the blue “+” icon in the bottom right corner. Then you enter their phone number and select the PhoneWagon number that you want to call from. Then you would click the phone icon to make an outbound call. All the calls are logged, tracked, and recorded in one conversation thread so nothing slips through the cracks.

Can I send and receive text messages?

Yes! Again in our Inbox section we have a conversation thread that allows you to communicate over voice or SMS. This includes 2-way texting and inbound and outbound calls.

Can I integrate with my CRM?

Yes! We have a lot of native integrations with CRM platforms like Salesforce and HubSpot. We also integrate with dozens of others through our webhooks, API, and Zapier capabilities.

How do I send a text message to a missed call?

This is one of our most powerful features. When setting up your numbers you will see an “Automation” tab when you click into a specific number to track, all living within the My Numbers section. This automation tab is where you can configure each number to send a text message for missed calls. You can send the same text for all missed calls or send a different one for first time callers (most likely good leads) and repeat callers (probably existing customers). This feature engages your customers in a text conversation and prevents them from simply calling one of your competitors for service. Automation literally turns missed calls into dollars.

How do I make outbound calls from the mobile app?

Making outbound calls from our mobile app requires the feature Seats. Seats not only allow you to make outbound calls from our mobile app, but also receive inbound calls to the browser! It's just $19/Seat per month.

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