Our local and toll free static numbers are very beneficial for tracking your offline marketing campaigns. The best way to think of a static number is something you can't change the code to. For example, many people use these number in print ads, Yelp listings, Facebook page, Google Call Extension, Google My Business, and much more! Basically, if you aren't tracking a website or a landing page, you'll be using a static number.

These numbers differ from dynamic number as they can only track the source based on the campaign name. It's important to name the campaign accordingly (for example: Billboard) so when a call comes in you know where the number is listed by looking at the Campaign column in the dashboard. This type of number will have all of the same data, except for it won't capture source, keywords, or referral data.

Follow the steps below to add a new Static Number:

Please Note: It's important that you are in the correct company. Please choose company from the drop down list prior to adding a new number (campaign). If you didn't create the company where you want to add the number, please do so prior to this step.

Step 1: Click “+Add Number” button on the left side menu

Step 2: Set up the type of number you want

Make sure "Static Number" is selected at the top, then in the top right corner choose the Company you would like to add the Campaign to.

Step 3: Select the number

Next you can choose the country code, select between local area codes or toll free numbers and select a number of your choice after searching for an area code. Then click Next! (If you see no number found don't worry! Send us a chat or email at Support@phonewagon.com and we would be glad to help submit a purchase to get more for you!)

Step 4: Set up your Campaign

Give the Campaign a Unique name, and then select where you want to forward the call to. You can choose an already created Forwarding Line (Marked James Test 1 in the screen shot), select a call flow (James Test), or create a new Forwarding Line by giving the line a name, selecting "Add" and then typing in the number on the next page.

Step 5: Add the features you need for this CAmpaign

Toggle on any of the following features you need for your tracking purposes.

  • Text Forwarding - Forwards text messages sent to the tracked line to the forwarding line.

  • Call Recording - Use this button to toggle call recording on / off.

  • Play a Greeting to Callers - This button will allow you to set a custom greeting, or something standard such as "This call may be recorded for quality assurance."

  • Play a Whisper Message - A whisper message would be played to the person answering the phone, giving them an indication of where the call is coming from.

  • Show Caller ID - If this is toggled ON, the true caller ID's will be shown. If toggled OFF, the tracked number will appear as the caller ID

Step 6: Click Add Number & Place the tracked number within your campaign, and watch the phone calls roll in!

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