PhoneWagon gives you several different options for notifications. You can have Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Email Summaries sent. You can also have Email Alerts triggered based on activity. In order to get these notifications to someone. they have to be a user in PhoneWagon. 

Step 1. Locate the Triple Line icon in the left side menu bar.

Step 2. Click Company Settings

Step 3. Select the Notifications Tab as shown below. Then click Open Notification Settings (for now will send you back to our previous UI).

Step 4. You can set up email summaries to be sent out on a Daily, Weekly, or Monthly basis and then select the users you want the notifications to go to.

You can set up additional Email summary notifications by clicking the blue “+ Schedule another summary.” 

You can also schedule the notifications for multiple users. Make sure to click SAVE!

You can set up Email Alerts based on activity. 

  1. Select the users you want to send the notifications to. 

2. Select the activity you would like to send email notifications for. You can receive alerts for Answered calls, Missed calls with a voicemail or without a voicemail or for text messages. (Missed calls are based off of use of PhoneWagon Hosted Voicemail. If this feature is not utilized and the calls go to personal or business voicemails we will see it as a completed call)

3. Select the Campaigns you would like these notifications to be associated to as shown in the Picture below marked A. You can create more notifications by clicking the “+ create another alert” button labeled B then click Save!

Have additional questions and need to get in touch with our Support Team? Click the chat bubble in the bottom right corner of your account!

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