Imagine your clients logging in to check their calls while seeing your Brand reinforced on their screens? We are happy to wipe away our Logo and Domain and turn PhoneWagon over to your business. We know this is a must have for any Agency.

What we will do:
*Create a custom login screen unique to your business
*Host your Custom Call Tracking Solution on your Domain or Subdomain
*Replace our logo with one of your choosing

*Change the FavIcon to your logo of choice (What shows in the Browser Tab)
*Manage the SSL of the Domain or Subdomain. You will be in direct contact with a Developer!
*Allow you to set up Clients with their own credentials, and allow them to login with a variety of User Roles determined by you

How to Submit:

  1. Pick a transparent back logo. Preferably an SVG/ PNG file - one that will look good on a dark background (PhoneWagon Blue, 4544E7).

  2. Send us a Favicon / Icon that will go in the middle of the PhoneWagon Sign in Screen as well as browser tab (SVG/PNG).

  3. Decide the URL extension you would like the site on. i.e. ""

  4. Submit your Info At This Link

  • Once you have completed all the steps, a developer will be reaching out with next steps! If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to reach out in the Blue Chat Bubble in the bottom corner of this screen!

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