Check out our CEO Ryan Shank explain and demonstrate Hosted Voicemail!

Set Up Hosted Voicemail

To start, the first thing you must do is open up an existing call flow, or create a new call flow.

Once in the call flow editor, you'll see the area highlighted below. Hosted Voicemail is toggled on by default, if you do not wish to have it on you must disable it when configuring a call flow. You can toggle it on/ off here, and edit the voice message that is read!

Toggle Green - ON
Toggle Grey - OFF

If you press the edit button that appears next to the play button, this screen will be displayed:

For the voicemail greeting message, you have a few choices. 

  1. Tap the microphone to record a brand new message directly in PhoneWagon! No outside work required, it can all be done right here.
  2. Use an existing MP3 that you have on your computer.
  3. Choose from your saved greetings. My Greetings will show all of the MP3s and greetings that you have saved in the past. This will allow you to reuse the same message multiple times with minimum effort.

Where can I find the voicemail in PhoneWagon?

You'll listen to the voicemails the same way you do the calls, in the Dashboard! We've created a new icon shown below:

This is indication that the caller left a voicemail. When you listen to the recording you are listening to the voicemail.

In the dashboard you also have the option to filter to only see those who left a voicemail. This makes it easier for you to listen to any missed calls.

Am I notified when I receive a voicemail?

With this feature release, we've also improved our real time notifications! When you set up email alerts / summaries, you'll notice the new options below that allow you to create alerts for missed calls with or without voicemails. This will send to your email in real time!

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