There are different ways that you can track the phone call success of your Google Ad campaigns. We utilize both static and dynamic numbers to get you the highest results to see how well your ads are doing.

Best Practice:

It is best to use both types of numbers while tracking google paid campaigns.

  1. Dynamic Number on the landing page / website that you are driving traffic to. You have the option to track all channels, or just traffic coming from Google Paid. This number will integrate with Google Ads directly, and also be able to show you keyword level data associated with the phone calls! For the conversions to push over, the source must be Google Paid and have a valid GCLID associated.

  2. Static Number for Google Ads Call Extension number and/or Google my Business. This will allow you to allocate the calls in PhoneWagon, while Google Ads tracks the conversions automatically. These conversions are not set up through PhoneWagon, but using PhoneWagon's numbers allow you to have the phone calls in a central location, and get all of the call details that Google doesn't provide. Simply grab a static number, and update the call extension or GMB to the tracked line!

The set up should look similar to this in PhoneWagon:

Note: It's important to not use a number from the dynamic pool as the number for the call extension or Google My Business. You want to make sure it's tracked separately, and using a number in the dynamic pool as a static number will cause mis-attribution because it will identify the call as coming from a web source when really that's not the case.

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