PhoneWagon offers two different types of numbers. We refer to them as static and dynamic. Please read our article below on the best way to utilize each type of number to maximize data collection on your marketing campaigns!

Static Numbers

Our local and toll free static numbers are very beneficial for tracking your offline marketing campaigns. The best way to think of a static number is something you can't change the code to. For example, many people use these number in print ads, Yelp listings, Facebook page, Google Call Extension, Google My Business, and much more! Basically, if you aren't tracking a website or a landing page, you'll be using a static number.

These numbers differ from dynamic number as they can only track the source based on the campaign name. It's important to name the campaign accordingly (for example: Billboard) so when a call comes in you know where the number is listed by looking at the Campaign column in the dashboard. This type of number will have all of the same data, except for it won't capture source, keywords, or referral data.

Dynamic Numbers

Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) is a call tracking feature where a unique phone number is tied to each of your clients in accordance with a dynamic pool of numbers.

Clever tracking code embedded in your website changes the phone number displayed depending on the lead source of the visitor. This gives you greater insights about your visitors, and also gives you useful insight tied back to Marketing Spend. This helps marketers analyze real contingent of clients and sources, where they come from.

The dynamic numbers also allow us to track the keyword level date (if caller is coming from Google Paid), and to gather all of the specific information about each session.

The way our dynamic numbers work is a different number in the pool is assigned to and displayed to each new visitor to the site - they're session based numbers. If you have more active visitors on your site then there are numbers in your pool, a number will be assigned to more than one visitor (opening you up to potential mis-attribution).

Quick Summary:

Static Numbers - Offline Campaigns / Google Ad Extensions / Google My Business / Social Media Site Number / Referral Sites (e.i. Yelp)
Dynamic Numbers - Website / Landing Pages (anywhere you can access the site's source code you should be using a dynamic number to get the source data)

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