There are multiple reasons why our code might not fire, the reasons below are the most common errors that we see!

Error 1: The tel: number on your website is different than your Number to Swap Out in PhoneWagon's configuration.

Many times, we see typos and errors in the tel: number. It's important that these digits match exactly what the Number to Swap out is (symbols and all), if there's even a single digit difference the DNI will not work.

How to check this:

Step 1: Open up your website.

Step 2: Right click, and select "Inspect"
This should open up the following window:

Step 3: Find all places where the number is located in the code.

You can do this by pressing CTRL+F, then typing in the last 4 digits of the number.

As you can see in the screen shot above, there are two different formats of the number. You need to keep it consistent and have a single format throughout the website, and have that format match the "Number to Swap Out" in PhoneWagon.

How can I fix this if the format doesn't match?

  1. You may have to seek help from your web developer to fix the website's code to get the format to match
  2. If the format is the same throughout, log into PhoneWagon to make sure the Number to Swap out matches the format.

Error 2: The PhoneWagon script was not implemented correctly.

The PhoneWagon script must be placed before the closing </body> tag in the website's source code. You can do this through the site builder directly, or by using Google Tag Manager.

Things to check regarding the script:

  1. Make sure the code is on the website by checking the Source Code (instructions shown above, you can CTRL+F "phonewagon" and you'll be able to see if it's there).
  2. The code is before the </body> tag.
  3. You have copied the code from the correct Company in PhoneWagon. The script for every company is different and it's important that you have the correct one on your website.
  4. You only have the script installed 1x.

If the steps above look good to you, reach out to our live chat support team to investigate further!

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