With the IVR you can configure a menu for a caller, and forward call based on caller's input.

After selecting "Add Number" and filling out your first forwarding number. Click on the "Add Call Flow" button. 

Next select "IVR (Menu)" from the options.

Click "START WITH THIS FLOW" and fill out the options you'd like customers to hear. 

 Fill out the corresponding phone numbers you'd like to ring for each option.

We recommend keeping "Prevent voicemails from connecting" selected. This makes sure that the call will ring the entire step without being interrupted by your voicemail system. If you need the call to hit voicemail you can always add another step and forward it to a different line!

Ring for X Seconds - this allows you to choose how long you want the phone to ring for before either ending the call flow, moving to a next step, or going to voicemail (if the detection box is unselected).

Step 4: Save Call Flow.

There are endless possibilities when creating a call flow! You can add extra steps and incorporate multiple features. If you have any questions, please reach out to support via Live Chat and we'll be happy to troubleshoot.

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