Porting a number into PhoneWagon is a process that can take up to 6 weeks depending on the type of number you are porting in and the country. We currently only support porting numbers from the U.S., Canada, UK, New Zealand, and Australia.

**To help speed up the process you will want to ask your current company for any port out information needed for the numbers you are looking to port. An example of what to ask is below!**

"Hi Team, we are looking to port out the attached list of numbers and are looking for any Port Out information like Pin numbers or CSR (Customer Service Record) information we will need to accomplish this. Please provide us this information as soon as possible. Thanks you"

To start the port process, please fill out the documents below:

  1. PhoneWagon LOA - Download from here
  2. Configuration settings - Download spreadsheet here

Once you have filled these out, please email the completed forms to support@phonewagon.com which will open a ticket and begin the process.

See below for full details on the porting process.

1. Submit your Porting request.

You will need the following for a successful request:

  • A signed Letter of Authorization. This letter must be signed by the current owner of the numbers, along with have a valid address listed. If your current provider has a PIN/ Account Number please include that on the LOA to avoid delays.
  • Your most most recent Customer Service Record (CSR) or Invoice/Bill from the current provider.
  • Configuration Details. For each number you are porting in, we need to know the details of how to configure the number. This step is very important as it's what we use to configure the numbers to make sure there is no downtime with the transfer. We will not submit a request without this information.
  • Read the most common reason for rejections to avoid them.

2. PhoneWagon Submits Port

There's nothing for you to do at this step except for wait! Once it's submitted to our carrier, they will be in contact with your current carrier to match up the information on the LOA and CSR. At this time, PhoneWagon will be configuring the numbers in our system. 

Please Note: you may see the numbers in the PhoneWagon dashboard, but they will not be active until a port date is set. It is very important that you do not cancel the service with your current provider.

3. Port Approved or Denied

The port will either be approved or rejected.

If Approved - PhoneWagon will send you an email of your porting date for when your number will be transfer to PhoneWagon. Once your date has passed and you’ve verified the number has transferred to your PhoneWagon account, you can begin using your number.

If Denied - we will require more information from you. There are many reasons for rejections, please refer to the article above to avoid them.

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