We are incredibly excited about the launch of our HubSpot integration. By integrating call tracking into HubSpot, you can now see all your phone calls (including marketing campaign, source and keyword) directly inside HubSpot. We will create a new contact if that phone number isn’t in your contact list. If they are already a contact we will simply add the call activity to the contact record so you can view everything in one place. It’s the best way for marketers and salespeople to leverage data to close more deals.

Step 1: Click on ‘Company Settings’ and then select HubSpot

Step 2: Click ‘Activate Integration’

Step 3: Choose the HubSpot Account you want to integrate with

Step 4: Configure HubSpot Integration and click ‘Update Integration’

That’s it!

Now, when you go to your HubSpot CRM, you will see new contacts for new calls from PhoneWagon. The call activity will be added automatically along with the call recording and source of the phone calls.

UPDATE (04/26/2018):

Now when a call gets pushed into HubSpot from PhoneWagon it will also pull in the caller's Name. Also, we are no longer creating fake email addresses when creating a contact in HubSpot (thanks to HubSpot no longer having email address as a required field for creating contacts).

Lastly, all calls being pushed into HubSpot will now have a Call Source included. If the call did not come from a dynamic pool and therefore does not have a traditional "referral source" (like "Google Paid") then PhoneWagon will pull in the Campaign Name in PhoneWagon as the Call Source.

So if you have a campaign called 'Direct Mail' in PhoneWagon and are pushing calls from that campaign into HubSpot, the Call Source for that call in HubSpot will now be "Direct Mail". It previously would have said 'Null'.

This is what it will look like:

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