A white label account is set up for companies who are going to re-brand original software URL, colors, logo, etc. to obtain the impression that the company is the absolute owner of the software. PhoneWagon provides such opportunity for you!

In order to White Label, your subscription must be Pro, Agency, or higher.

To White Label you emails with PhoneWagon, please follow these instructions:

  1. Create a ticket with support@phonewagon.com containing the email address you'd like to use for the email summaries / alerts (e.i. reports@yourcompany.com)

  2. Click the verification link in the email sent from Mandrill (we will notify you once the email has been sent). If you have trouble completing this step, forward the link to us and we can help verify it on our end.

  3. After the link is verified, you will need to add a TXT DKIM and SPF in DSN - a PhoneWagon member will send you the specific details

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