The Block Number functionality allows users to block incoming calls from certain numbers, but still have the ability to see how many times blocked numbers are calling. There are 2 different ways to block numbers in PhoneWagon.

Option 1 - Via Dashboard / Call Log

Step 1: Select the company that you would like to block a number for from the drop down menu on the left of the screen in the dashboard.

Step 2: Block Number

Choose the number that you want to block in the dashboard table, and click the number - a popup will appear above the number. Click the appeared popup “Block this Number"

Note: If you accidentally click this button, you can undo blocking by clicking Undo button on the message, or go to the end of this article 

Option 2 - Via Company Settings

Step 1: Select the Company where you want to block number. 

Step 2:  Navigate to "Company Settings" and click on the "Blocked Numbers" tab.

The displayed table shows all blocked numbers. Here you can add blocked number, and unblock numbers.

Step 3: Select country code and type in or paste number to block.


  1. Here, you can Unblock any number that you want, by clicking Unblock number. 
  2. Calls Blocked - shows how many times a blocked number tried to call to your numbers
  3. Blocked Since - displays date when number was blocked.
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