The easiest way to start tracking information about your ads is by using ValueTrack parameters. ValueTrack parameters are a type of URL parameter you can add to your ads’ landing page URLs. These parameters collect information about the source of your ad clicks. 

This guide will explain how AdWords parameters work with your tracking template. These parameters are helpful if you want to learn more about the clicks on your ad, or if you’re just starting out with tracking.

Any PhoneWagon account integrated with AdWords (see: “How to Integrate PhoneWagon with AdWords”) has the ability to track additional AdWords parameters such as:

  1. Keyword

  2. Match Type

  3. AdPosition

  4. Device

  5. Network

Important: You must first integrate with AdWords before you can configure and start tracking and displaying AdWords parameters on the PhoneWagon dashboard.

For Keyword level tracking and value tracking parameters, you need to do small change to the ads in your Google AdWords account. This is so we can get the keyword and value tracking parameters to show with the calls in your PhoneWagon account.

Please use the following steps for setting up tracking of AdWords parameters:

Step 1: Open your AdWords account

Step 2: Click “Settings” for “All Campaigns” and go to Account Settings

Step 3: Click “Tracking Template” and edit URL for tracking by specifying every parameter in brackets and separating by “&”



  1. You can specify only those parameters that are of interest, and have the ability to edit tracking URL at any time. For example, if you want to track only keyword and device, just edit your tracking URL in such way: {lpurl}?keyword={keyword}&device={device}.

  2. You can set up a tracking template for different levels in AdWord: for account, campaign, group, or ad.

Step 4: Click “Save” button to save the tracking template

Now all calls with a source = Google paid (user follows google ad and call to the number from integrated with AdWords company) will be tracked by PhoneWagon account with specified parameters:

To learn more about these parameters, please refer to the table below:

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