With PhoneWagon you have the ability to track your calls directly in your Google Ads account. You can also pull relevant parameters from Google Ads directly into the PhoneWagon dashboard.

The PhoneWagon <> Google Ads delivers immediate ad traffic and improved conversion tracking using customized parameters.


Follow the simple steps below to set up Google AdWords with PhoneWagon.

Step 1: Click on Company Settings and then select Google AdWords

Note: Make sure you have the company/ client you want to integrate AdWords with selected in the company drop-down in the left side panel.

Step 2: Click Authorize

Step 3: Sign in using the Google Ads Account you want to integrate with.

Note: Make sure you have Admin privileges in your AdWord account, otherwise you won't be able to integrate.

Step 4: Choose the Google Ads Account you want to integrate with.

Note: You can integrate PhoneWagon with any of your AdWords manager (MCC) accounts. Just open the “Accounts” drop-down and select appropriate one. 

Step 5: Click on Activate Integration and then select Google AdWords:

After selecting the correct account, hit ‘Activate Integration’

Step 6: Confirm Integration was successful.

Go back to "company settings" and looking for a Green Check mark next to the integration

Now that you have integrated with AdWords you have the ability to track all your calls down to the keyword level. You can also track other beneficial parameters such as: MatchType, AdPosition, Device and Network. To do this, you must set up your Google Ad Parameters

These parameters will help you to analyze marketing campaigns and react immediately.


  1. Integration with google AdWords is company dependent. For each company, only one account is integrated at a time. In this case, when you confirm the authorization, another account the activated integration is disabled and conversions are not reported on AdWords account anymore.

  2. Calls as conversions will start recording on AdWords between 6 - 24 hours after you activate integrations (as google AdWords take some time to create conversion).

  3. The conversions that push through to AdWords must come from a dynamic number with Google Paid as the source. We can't push conversions for static numbers into Google Ads. The Google Paid call must have a GCLID parameter associated to count as a conversion in Google Ads.

  4. If you disable the integration, conversions are not recorded on google AdWords account anymore.

  5. If you manually remove PhoneWagon access from the integrated google account , conversions will stop tracking on AdWords account as PhoneWagon has no access to push the data to their account.

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