Users can be added to your PhoneWagon account to specific companies, and based on specific roles. Please follow the guide below to learn more about this feature!

Step 1: Select the icon with the 3 horizontal lines on the left side menu bar.

Step 2. Click Add User button to add new user.

Step 3. Select the company under which this user will be assigned.

Step 4. Fill in Mandatory Fields (for now this will revert you back to our Classic App while we continue moving features over to our new UI).

  1. Full Name

  2. Email

  3. Password - default password for user (can be changed by user after first login)

  4. User Role - if you select the role, a brief description will pop up. To learn more see the article linked below. See more on User Roles HERE.

Step 5. Send log in information to user.

We currently do not send out an auto email to users you add, so you will need to send them an email prompting them to log in. From there, they can click on "forgot password" which would prompt them to reset their password, or they can log in using the dummy password that you assigned to them and change it upon entry by going to settings.

Do you have additional questions and need to get in touch with our Support Team?

Click the chat bubble in the bottom right corner of your account!

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